Senior Full-Stack Developer 
We are a Berlin-based entertainment startup, looking for a Senior Full-Stack Developer to help build our interactive storytelling framework.

You’ll lead the creation of an AI-powered storytelling experience between audiences and a virtual character (meet our 1st character, Paige). This is a mix of branching narratives (Bandersnatch) and automated conversations (chatbots). The framework you’re building should be hyper-accessible, able to be plugged into platforms like Telegram or Snapchat. 

Who is the team? We are the creators of the viral interactive series Virtual Morality and writers behind the $-million immersive fiction app Galatea.

Ideally, you have hands-on experience with:

  • Interactive frameworks (Twine, InkleWriter, etc)

  • NLP Platforms/chatbots (Dialogflow, IBM Watson, etc)

  • JavaScript (Node.js)

  • Building a clean frontend platform, utilizable by non-devs

  • Bonus: Game and/or mobile development experience


This is a short-term job (2-3 months) that will ideally lead to a full-time hire. In the long run, this is a chance to pioneer radical new technology to disrupt entertainment as we know it today.

Intrigued? We’d be thrilled to get to know you. Remote-work is 100% welcome, but we hope you’ll be able to meet us in Berlin one day!

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